Mid-terms, Livingstone, and America!


The past couple months have been busy, to say the least! In early October I left my village for four and a half weeks, which is way longer than I have ever left it before! I went to Lusaka for my mid-term conference, which basically is the halfway point of our 2 years in the village. Mid-terms is basically getting poked and prodded by medical, a dentist appt, and a few meetings. It was great to see everyone from my intake again, we havent been together since February.

After Mid-terms, I only had about 4 days until I flew out to America, so instead of traveling all the way back up to Mansa just to turn around and come back, a couple friends and I went to Livingstone for the weekend. I had never been, and I think I was one of the last people in my intake to make it there! Livingstone is the big tourist draw to Zambia, the location of Victoria Falls. We had a great time hanging out with other international travelers! A friend of mine went bungee jumping off the bridge near Victoria Falls which straddles Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is the 3rd tallest bungee in the world, and I WILL do it before I leave! It was really fun to watch him jump though, talk about terrifying! We also went to view the falls, but since it was the height of dry season, they were almost totally dry. It was really strange to see, but still so impressive. I will be back several more times in my service during rainy season, so I will get to see the falls throughout the seasons.

After Livingstone we headed back to Lusaka, from where my friends went back to their provinces and I hopped a plane to America! I had a great visit! I was able to see tons of family and friends, including my 2 nephews Andrew and Jaxon who were born during my time in Zambia. I spent time with great people, ate great food, and drank great beer. It was so fun to go back home!

After entirely too many days of traveling, and the worst hitching luck ever, I am finally back in Mansa. I plan on heading back to my village early tomorrow morning. Unfortunately I have provincial meetings next week starting Tuesday, so I won’t be back for long before I have to leave again. I can’t wait to sleep in my own hut again though!

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